Index of Sacred Games Season 2

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Index of Sacred Games Season 2
Index of Sacred Games Season 2

As per the internal resources, the team of Sacred Games has almost completed its shooting for sacred games season 2 and they are just setting up the editing the mixing of the raw shooted clips. As soon as they finish all this mess. They will soon launch the trailer in which they will give us some raw idea regarding the upcoming series.

Sacred Games Season 2 Official Trailer

In the trailer, we’ll come to know that when actually the sacred games season 2 will be launched. We’ll be also 100% sure about the cast team and actors in this series. From the April fool prank by the sacred games and Netflix, we can say the Katekar is still in the role and maybe he is having the minor roles in sacred games season 2. If you have no idea about the sacred games April fool prank then you must check this: Sacred Games Season 2 | Netflix Fooled Us.

As of now, Netflix India has revealed the 4 names of the episode of the sacred games season 2 and maybe 4 are still remaining, as per me there will be around 8 episodes as a total in the sacred games season 2.

  1. Episode 1 BIDALAH – A – GITA
  2. Episode 2 KHATAM ASTI
  3. Episode 3 ANTARA MAHAVANA
  4. Episode 4 ANTARA MAHAVANA

As of now, we’ve only got these and also if you wanna know about the meaning the episode names check this page Sacred Games Season 2 Episode List. I think there will be some more episodes in the sacred games season 2. So be in touch with us to get all the latest update on this.

The sacred games season 2 was going o launch on the July 28, but there is a dealy from the Netflix due to the main cast time schedule. Saif Ali Khan and Nawaz are busy, they are left with some of the parts to shoot for the sacred games season 2. We still need to wait some more for the sacred games, most probably we’ll get that in the month of August or so.

You can download all the episodes of sacred games season 2 from here.

download sacred games
download sacred games


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