Let’s begin the tutorial,

Kali Linux is the best OS for hacking purpose.Now you can use Kali in your Android smartphone.It will help you to use your smartphone as a complete hacking tool. So today we are going to talk about kali Linux for android


STEP 1: The first step is to root your android device.

STEP 2: The next step is to install busy box.Using Busybox installer app, install UNIX script into your device.Then, open the busy box app and follow the given steps.

  1. Now it’s time to choose busy box version from the drop down menu.

2.Now just tap the install button.

3.Now the UNIX script that is to be installed is being downloaded.

4.After the installation, you will get a popup message showing that the installation is successful.

Now the busy box is successfully installed in your device.

NOTE: If it fails try installing any other versions of the busy box from 1.

STEP 3 : Next step is to configure Linux Deploy.Download Linux Deploy from Play Store and open it.Follow the given steps.

Kali Linux For Android

1.Tap the properties icon.Now it will show as on the image below.

2.Select distribution to be installed from properties.

3.The next step is to selecting the desktop environment to GNOME.

4.In the components menu, select allas shown below.

5.Interchange the height and width in the GUI settings.

6.Now select install and then tap OK.

7.Now it will start to install.Be patient.It will take some time.Better turn off incoming calls or messages during the installation process.Or you can disable the sim and use Wi-Fi because interruption of cellular data may affect the installing process.

8.I can’t added the screenshot of the completed process because I already did it.Now tap the start button and then OK and now it will mount the linux file.

STEP 4 : The next step is to configure Android VNC.

Now open Android VNC Viewer.Now enter nickname and password.The default password for Kali Linux is change me.Now paste the IP address which is copied from Linux Deploy.Finally tap the Connect button and you will be connected to Kali Linux.

STEP 5 : To close Kali Linux, exit VNC Viewer and go to Linux Deploy and then tap Stop.

Hope you understood the tutorial on Kali Linux For Android.Thanks for reading it with patience.If you have any doubts regarding this topic feel free to ask.

Thank You.


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