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Netflix India has just revealed the cast of the sacred games 2. Here we’ll discuss the video launched by Netflix and also give you the download link. Below are some spoiler of the sacred games season 2. Check at your own risk.

Sacred Games 2 Download


Spoilers Alert !!!

We will see Gaitonde’s missing years and his fury for sure. Sartaj has seen Gaitonde in the 2nd episode. I guess when he was just a kid. His father Dilbagh Singh is not shown there although he is standing with him. Gaitonde seems to be in some kind of celebration. I am assuming its posts has won the elections. It may be a spoiler for next season but I believe, Its gaitonde who becomes political face before Bhosle.

sacred games 2
sacred games 2

We will see the connection of Gaitonde, Guruji, Malcom, Zoya, Bhosle, Trivedi and Parulkar.

Another possible hint coming out of Anurag’s work could possibly be Bunty. He has already done a brilliant job though. He may be operating for Gaitonde in India while he gets out of the jail from India and moves to Malaysia. Once Bhosle proceeds him with the setup of betrayal Gaitonde is talking about. Where Gaitonde gets Zoya’s surgery done and launches her in Bollywood. Gaitonde could act as a counterpart sort of working with Trivedi’s help from Malaysia against ISA who is in Dubai. Remember Sartaj finds a Malaysian passport from Gaitonde’s pocket when he dies. Also, Zoya has an Indonesian passport that was made in no time by Tridevi.

So Bunty will have a huge role in the play in the sacred games season 2. Gaitonde has already mentioned Bunty being the person who introduced the Hindu Muslim war in this world. So far Bunty is nowhere shown to be such a character. But quite possible in the next season. Just like in GOW Nawaz does not play any role in the first part but has the most powerful role in the entire GOW saga. Here it might be Bunty who plays an important role in sacred games 2. As seen in current timeline Bunty seems to be well off sort of guy.

Sacred games 2 story 

Quite possibly Dilbagh Singh will be in an unprecedentedly important role. I think Dilbagh Singh was collateral damage before Dilbaugh ruins the entire show of Guruji. Therefore he disappears. And this may be the reason Gaitonde wants to pay debts of Dilbagh Singh by contacting Sartaj. Sartaj’s mother says to him when he inquires about his father. “Mamuli nai si tere papaji”. (Your father was not a normal guy)

Zoya playing a bigger role and her connection with Guruji. I believe Zoya is a transgender as well. Sartaj talks about the operation when he meets Zoya after blackmailing her with the passport snap he finds at Jojo’s home in the file including fake cash stash. She also lies to Sartaj that it was done by the fee from the movie produced by Gaitonde. To ensure Sartaj does not pick up her connection with Gaitonde from the very past when she was Jamila. It was a good gesture of Gaitonde for her services during his 2 months stay in Jail.

sacred games 2
sacred games 2


Gaitonde was tricked by two people in Jail on Guruji’s instructions, Zoya and Dilaugh Singh. When she (Jamila from Afghanistan) was sent by Guruji while Gaitonde was being molded on Guruji’s instructions in the jail by the trio of Parulkar, trivedi, and Bhosle. As soon as Gaitonde says yes he will live Guruji instructs Trivedi to prepare him and gets him out of Jail with the help of men in black. The same people have seen with Bhosle all the time.

Gaitonde, before committing suicide and killing Jojo and Trivedi, is at a Safe House and I think its not his Safe House, its Trivedi’s safe bunker.

sacred games 2
sacred games 2

We will see a few more characters being developed to support season 1. Like Guru Ji, Dilbagh Singh, Zoya, Trivedi, Parulkar, Malcom, Sartaj’s Mother, JoJo, Bunty. Guruji is going to have a major role in the sacred games 2. Also, he is the mastermind behind all the things.

download sacred games
download sacred games

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