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Sacred Games 2

We all have watched sacred games 1 and now we are eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive that is SACRED GAMES 2 or we say season 2 of sacred games. Sacred games season 1 performed very well. And after huge fame, everyone wants to know all about its suspense created. So today we’ll be going to reveal the secret of Ganesh Gaitode’s Bunker.

Before proceeding further, just have a look at Sacred games season 2 trailer.

As we have seen in the 8th episode of season 1. When Sartaj Singh enters the Buker of Ganesh Gaitonde he sees the dead body of the Trivedi. Which was tightly tied with a wooden chair and also some items like.

  • Edible food
  • Water
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • NBC Filtration (It is a device used to filter the air of nuclear gas’s particle to clear and fresh air.)
  • Geiger Counter (It is also a device which is used to measure the quality of the air. That if it is inhalable or not.)

It can be easily assumed that there are chances of a nuclear attack on Mumbai city. As all of this equipment will be used to survive at the time of the nuclear attack. There are more than 80% of chances that in sacred games 2 Mumbai will be a nuclear attack. This is the reason people like Bunty and Bunty itself wants to leave Mumbai city as soon as possible.

The sacred games season 1 had been ended at a very suspense moment so it will be very great to watch sacred game 2. And also we’ll need to keep in mind that 14 days are already been spent in sacred games 1 and story will further continue in sacred games 2.

Although there are no official announcements from the team NETFLIX INDIA.

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Actress of sacred games season 2

  1. Radhika Apte was playing the role of Anjali Mathur in sacred games season 1, she was having the character of  RAW Agent, she enters into the play when she was keeping eye on the talk between Ganesh Gaitonde and Sartaj Singh on the call, and she cames to know that after 25 days something big and disastrous is going to happen in the Mumbai Bombay) city and she starts the investigate about this thing to notice about this season is that no other raw agent or any other security department is involved in this case in whole season.
sacred games 2
sacred games 2

Now it will be worth watching the sacred games 2 about this. Will they include any other RAW agent with Anjali Mathur or not. As from season 1, we can easily take an idea that Anjali Matur is having a kind of selfish nature. As she never completes her promise and always use the person for her own advantages and profit.

sacred games 2
sacred games 2

Anjali Mathur is having a very sharp and intelligent mind, she can easily cope up with the male officers with her. But her boss doesn’t trust her and thinks that she can’t handle any big situation and can also take some wrong decision, and now we all know that what has happened with the actress of sacred games when she visits the Trivedi’s resident without any security or protection “she was killed by the Internation Terrorist.”

Must Watch Actress of Sacred Games Die scene

Now it will be going to very interesting and joyful to watch how RAW will take revenge on Anjali Matur’s murder with the international Terrorist.

Kubbra Sait

sacred games 2
sacred games 2

Kubbra Sait played the role of Cuckoo in the sacred games season 1, as a transgender and we’ll discuss some of the facts

  • She was born and brought up in Banglore.
  • She is a Yoga enthusiastic and cat lover.
  • Kubbra Sait has also hosted many events like Filmfare and zee cine award and a proud winner of best female emcee.
  • She is also in the field of TV commercial and modeling.
  • Also, she has given an outstanding performance in Web series Sacred games and also it is expected that she may be seen in sacred games season 2.
sacred games 2
sacred games 2

She appeared in the following episodes of the sacred games season 1

– Ashwathama

– Halahala

– Aatapi Vatapi

– Brahmahatya

– Sarama

If you want to watch these episodes for free just click here.

Now let me share the experience of the Kukoo while shooting of sacred games season 1

sacred games 2
sacred games 2

Kukoo gave many nude scenes in this series and for shooting of these nude scenes Kubbra sait drank wines to give reality to the scene, and after the shooting Kubbra sait cried. In this show, Kukoo is having a transgender role with many frontal scenes. There is a scene in this season in which Kukoo get naked in front of Ganesh ” According to Kubbra this scene was perfectly taken after 6 successful shorts, “Anurag(Director) asked the Kukoo to take alcohol to have real feeling in this shot as it was very intense scene, so she drank Whiskey and started to shoot. After the launch of sacred games season 1 when she watched that scenes, she was impressed by the way in which that scene was delivered.

So in this way, Kubbra Sait shot this scene.

sacred games 2
sacred games 2
download sacred games season 2
download sacred games season 2


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