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Sacred Games All Episodes Download links

We all know that sacred games is in trend now due to its amazing storyline and characters. To watch Sacred games you will need to buy a subscription from the Netflix which costs around Rs. 800 for a month. So here I have provided you the links from where you can download all the sacred games episode. As well as you can also watch them online also. The below mention links are for “sacred games full episode”. If you want free Netflix account or free access to it, click here.

sacred games all episode download
sacred games all episode download

All the names and download link of sacred games episodes are mentioned below

The starting of sacred games seasons 1 is in a very tremendous and awesome way. The police officer Sartaj Singh receives a call from the most wanted criminal Ganesh Gaitonde, at first Sartaj doesn’t believe in the incident told by the Ganesh Gaitonde but when Ganesh tells him about IPC 435. Sartaj gets shocked and runs towards headquarters to check for the record regarding IPC 435. ( According to my knowledge IPC 435 is INDIAN PANEL CODE 435 into which the accused person is arrested for damaging the country’s property with the use of explosives and if that accused person is caught then he gets a punishment of more than 7 years plus some penalty charge).

Ganesh Gaitonde was once caught by police under this IPC 435 act, this was all done by his third father. As Ganesh was good his competitor. When Ganesh sent put out of the jail he thought that he was saved by the guruji and tries at his full potential to meet Guruji. Most of the character in this series follows the guruji so it can be assumed that in the upcoming sacred games season 2, Guruji will be going to be the topmost villain and most highlighted character.

  • 1. Ashwathama

“A mysterious phone call from an anonymous man leads police officers Sartaj Singh on a chase around Mumbai in dangerous cat and mouse game.”

download sacred games
  • 2. Halahala

“News of Ganesh gaitonde creates a stir among Mumbai is VIP’s, from politicians to film stars. Removed from the case, Sartaj begins his own investigation.”

When the news comes in the hype that the Ganesh Gaitonde is alive all its rivals and the enemy became attentive, as Ganesh Gaitonde may cause harm to them.

sacred games all episode download
sacred games all episode download
  • 3. Atapi Vatapi

“The woman found in the bunker leads Sartaj to Gaitonde’s thug Bunty. In a flashback, Gaitonde recalls stealing a lucky charm from rival Suliman Isa.”

  • 4. Brahmahatya

“TV starlet Nayanika visits Bunty with the hidden camera. In mid 18th Gaitonde discovers a racket even more lucrative than drugs and guns: politics.”

  • 5. Sarama

“To save Nayanika, Surtaj intervenes during a RAW operation in 1992. Political unrest increases so do the bloodshed from Gaitonde and Isa’s feud.”

  • 6. Pretakalpa

“When Sartaj’s constable. Katekar is pressured to investigate the disappearance of a young man from a Muslim slum. Disastrous consequences follow.”

sacred games all episode download
sacred games all episode download

As by following the trend. We came to know that sacred games is in the trend so we created this post. “Sacred Games all episodes download” must check this post for all the download and watch online links.

  • 7. Rudra

“Hoping to tie up the many loose ends of their case Sartaj and Anjali reunite to figure out how the enigmatic Trivedi linked to Gaitonde’s prophecy.”

  • 8. Yayati

“To save Mumbai from impending doom, Sartaj races against time to find out who Gaitonde’s third father is and what’s planned to happen on the 25th day.”

The storyline of sacred game season 2 from here.

sacred games all episode download
sacred games all episode download

Now we’ll discuss the ending of the sacred games part 1

Many of the characters are dead in season 1 and let me tell you that few of the character will do a comeback. In the sacred games season 2. While some will not. The character in the past story of sacred games will definitely appear like. (Bunty, joojoo, mathu, Trivedi, and Ganesh Gaitonde) While the characters (like- Constable Kelkar and Anjali Mathur) whose role was in current situation/scene will not come back. This season has confused us, as from sacred games season 1 we came to know that Trivedi in no more means he had been killed, but now the famous dialogue from the Ganesh Gaitonde “Sub mar jyange Sirf Trivedi bachega“, and also joojoo was killed by the Ganesh Gaitonde.

Now the main character in sacred games season 1 is Guruji (Ganesh’s third father) he was the person to sent the Ganesh to the jail and when the Ganesh losses his hope to being alive, Gurujii made him free so that he can become the real god in the mind of Ganesh. This was all the planning of Guruji as he needs Ganesh Gaitonde very badly for some reasons.

Now the question arises why Melqon is killing Ganesh Gaitonde and his mates?

If you are thinking that melqon is killing them by the orders of Bipin Ghosle then you’re wrong, as from the story it’s clear that Bipin hates Muslims. We’ll get to know more about this in the sacred games season 2

Hey, wait, if you haven’t watched the teaser of sacred games season 2 click here.

sacred games 2
sacred games 2


The character Tarun Arora is going to have a major role in the sacred games season 2. Who smuggled all the weapons into India for the terrorist to easily attack Mumbai. Tarun also wants to kill Gaitonde as he has not kept his promise. Of delivering the weapons and betrayed the Tarun.

When it comes to the end of the season Sartaj and its team get the information about the nuclear attack which was about to happen in the Mumbai city. After completion of 25 days and also in season 1 Sartaj Singh and his fellow mates were successful in finding the bunker of  Trivedi’s. But they find Trivedi’s dead body there, as he was already being killed.

Now at last according to me sacred games season 2 will have the 4 seasons in total. As the full story is very much lengthy and going to take much time to cover all the parts. The sacred games book readers know about this and maybe also having the idea of all the parts of the story.

Click on the below button to download the sacred games season 2 via torrent.

download sacred games
download sacred games via torrent



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