Sacred Games Season 2 | Netflix Fooled Us

So today is the 1st of April and we know this date very well many you were waiting for some actual news from Netflix related to sacred games season 2. But unfortunately, they made you fool. Today we all have an April fools day.

Netflix was planning from a very long time, they were planning to do this from the past month. First of all, I suggest you check this post as It was already assumed that something kind of this is going to happen soon as I’ve marked the dates in my calendar.

download sacred games season 2
download sacred games season 2

Below is the official video released by the Netflix India on the 1st April. This Video is released on their official Instagram account and also on the youtube.

In the few seconds of the above video. It seemed that this is the something legit or we say it is the official trailer or teaser but as soon as the video goes to its ends we realize that WTF is this. We are not ready for this. TIP: If you are a regular user of this site then you may have also predicted this as we ‘ve already assumed this earlier. That this kind of shit is definitely going to happen.

Sacred Games Season 2 | April Fools Day
Sacred Games Season 2 | April Fools Day

So hows you guys are feeling now, share your feeling below in the comment box.


That’s all for today from my side hope you enjoyed this.

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