Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date

Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date

Hello guys, if you are here then definitely you are a great fan of sacred games web series and waiting for sacred games season 2, So today I’ll give you some rough idea about Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date. It has been too late and we are not getting any update on it. So just read the article below to get some idea about it and what the Netflix says about it.

This data is taken from all the official announcements of Netflix India. They have updated us about sacred games season 2 through their social media platforms.

sacred games teaser
sacred games teaser

This was the first hint given by Netflix India. By this post, they informed us that after 14 days something big is going to happen and this post was released by Netflix on the 19th of March this year. If we add 14 days from the 19 March we get the date as 01-04-2019. From this, we can easily relate that Netflix is going to reveal some great news about sacred games season 2 on 1st April.


MUST CHECK: The official teaser/trailer of the sacred games season 2.

So this was the first hint given by Netflix, and now we’ll discuss the second hint or signal given by Netflix, this makes us 100% sure that the above tweet of 14 days was related to sacred games season 2 only. Now, it will be worth waiting that what official announcement will be done by the Netflix on the 1st April 2019.

Here is the second and final announcement made by the Netflix India on the Offical Facebook page

Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date

This announcement was made on the 27th March 2019, and in this announcement, they said that after  6 days everything will be more clear. In this post, they’ve also revealed 4 episode names out of 8. Here 4 episode names are still pending. So we can assume that on the 1st of April 2019 they will tell us the following things.


  1. Teaser/Trailer
  2. All the names of episodes
  3. Release Date of the sacred games season 2
  4. Cast Team
  5. Sacred games season 2 actress
  6. Some of the dialogues from the series.

MUST CHECK: Names of the episodes and their meaning with some relevant data.

So this was the update as of now from the Netflix on the sacred games season 2.

New Update

Get all the download links from here.


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