After providing service for about seven months free of charge, the charges for the service of Reliance Jio have now been imposed. But consumers have many questions about Free Jio Sim. The first question is, what will happen to those who have not done any recharge at their number? However, people had to say that those who did not recharge any of their numbers will be closed but it is not so. Some services will continue to your number and your number will not be closed too. Not only that, you will also get the data for free.

Yes, this is not a joke, but Reliance Jio himself has given information through the message. The company has sent messages to the consumers on the number and has informed that if you have not done any recharge, then your outgoing call will stop but incoming will be available. Not only this, your number will also get data service but its speed will be reduced. The company has not closed any number. You can understand this from the screenshot below.

This message has come to the number that has not yet taken any recharge of Jio. Reliance free Jio has explicitly provided the message that the company is not going to stop any number. Yes some services will be stopped. Just like you will get 2G speed instead of high-speeded data. You will not be able to take advantage of free VoLte call if you do not recharge the same. However, incoming calls will continue during this time.

On the other hand, it can be said that even those who have only received prime membership of 99, they are still getting free 4G service of free Jio. Even if they have not taken any tariff plans. The phone is running high-speed internet and free calling is also on. Although Jio said many times about discontinuing the service, the company has not stopped it so far. In today’s message, you can know that the services are not going to stop but will be reduced only.

Reliance free Jio recently launched new tariff plans. The company has announced several new plans for postpaid and prepaid consumers. Free Jio launched the scheme from 19 rupees to 9,999 rupees. For the new users, the company has launched an initial plan of 408 rupees. Where consumers will be able to use 84 GB 4G data for 84 days.

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