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wordpress.org vs wordpress.com

Are you struggling to select best blogging platform between WordPress.org vs WordPress.com?

Many WordPress beginners get frustrated while choosing WordPress blogging platform because WordPress offers two different blogging platform, one is WordPress.org, and another is WordPress.com.

This article will point you to right direction. To make you more comfortable with this blogging platform, I’m going to provide detail information about WordPress.

Alright then! How can these two websites differentiate themselves? To keep your struggle simple:

  • WordPress.org is fully customizable, whereas WordPress.co has limitations.
  • WordPress.org is self-hosted, but WordPress.com is not.
  • Self-hosted WordPress is completely free, but WordPress.com comes with free as well as premium plans.

Both WordPress.org and WordPress.com have pros and cons, choosing from then mainly depends upon your choice.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com Full comparison

This comparison is between WordPress.com(free) and WordPress.org. Let’s have a closer look on to the subject.

1.Domain name

WordPress.org allows you to use a custom domain like blogprimary.com, but you will have to purchase a domain name from the domain registrar. The domain name will cost around $10 to $15 per year.

WordPress.com, free plan doesn’t allow you to use a custom domain name.The custom domain name only can use with premium plans. The WordPress.com free version will provide you sub domain, like yoursite.wordpress.com.

The other free blogging platforms like  Blogger, Tumbler, Weebly and much more also provide you sub domain for free when you create a site on theses blogging platforms.

2.Web Hosting

For using WordPress.org, you require paying for web hosting which cost you around $3 to $100 or more per month.

You don’t need to pay more any web hosting for using WordPress.com; it provides you free up to 3GB storage limit. When you exceed storage over 3GB, you require upgrading to the paid plan.


Self-hosted WordPress highly customizable, it allows you to use any free or premium themes and plugins as you like. So, you have full freedom to make your site more beautiful and more user-friendly.

WordPress.com only provide the limited number of free themes, so you have limited options to customize the WordPress.com site.

However, if you upgrade to Business Plan( actually, they offer Basic, Personal, Premium and Business plans), then you can use third-party themes. The Business Plan costs you $299 per year.

Same as themes, you can install any free and premium plugins on WordPress.org sites to maximize and improve site potential.

You don’t allow to use any plugins whether it’s free and premium, you can only use plugins on your site with purchasing of Business Plan.

4.Authority over your site

You have complete authority and own your content over WordPress.org. On a self-hosted WordPress, you have control and permissions over your site and content.

But, on WordPress.com you don’t have full control over your site. If you violet their term’s of service, they can shut down or even delete your site anytime, no matter how long you have been using WordPress.com.

5. Monetize

The blog created on WordPress.org can monetize by Adsense, Affiliate marketing, and more methods.

WordPress.com will not allow monetizing the blog with Adsense and other ad networks, but you can apply for Adsense only if you are on Business Plan. The site on WordPress.com except for Business Plan only can apply for WordAds if a website is getting thousands of page views each month. WordAds is the WordPress advertising program.

Except Business Plan WordPress.com does not allow to sell digital products as well as physical products on the site. However, you can use affiliate links on the site with any plan.

6.Maintaining the WordPress Site

WordPress.org will be entirely controlled by you. And, the maintenance of the site is under control of you.

The maintenance of WordPress.com is taken care by WordPress.

7. Cost

To start a blog on self-hosted WordPress, it costs you few bucks per months. There are different hosting companies are available. If you choose right web hosting, you will need to pay minimum around $3 per month and for the domain name, it costs you average $15 per year. So, the minimum cost will be about $50 per year.

If you choose WordPress.com free, then you don’t need to pay a penny.

Which WordPress Is Best For To Create A Site?

WordPress.com is best for:

  • If you want to start a personal journal type blog, then you can move on WordPress.com.
  • If you need space to announce your company details and other related information where branding and design are is not necessary, then you can consider it.

WordPress.com is not best for:

  • If you are a newbie and want to generate income over the internet.
  • If you want to develop a brand with content marketing as the channel, you direct opt out this option.
  • You should not choose WordPress.com if you want to make money with Adsense as well as other Advertising networks.
  • If you want to establish e-commerce site or business site, then, WordPress.com is not the best option.

WordPress.org is best for:

  • If you want to start a blog to generate income online.
  • If you want to start an e-commerce site.
  • It is best for sell digital and physical products online.
  • It is best for to generate income through affiliate marketing as well as through AdSense program.
  • You can start any types of site

Final Words

WordPress.org is one of the popular platforms to launch a site. WordPress.org is best for bloggers and also for who want to establish a brand online.

On WordPress.org, there are no limitations, you can create a blog, e-commerce site, affiliate site, branding sites and so on.

I hope you like this comparison; WordPress.org vs WordPress.com.

Which WordPress are using for your site?

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